Scotland Campus Partners LLC

The Fund


Scotland Campus Partners LLC is a private real estate investment fund organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and pursuant to Sections 3(c)(1) and/or 3(c)(5) of the Investment Company Act of 1940, as amended.


Investing In The Fund Involves A High Degree Of Risk

If you cannot afford a total loss of your capital contribution, do not invest. You must be able to bear the economic risk of your capital contribution for an indefinite period of time and can, at the present time, afford a total loss of the same.

Fund Structure

The Fund is a Pennsylvania (LLC) with two (2) classes
of equity ownership:

(1) Preferred Membership Interest

(2) Managing Membership Interest


The Fund’s current sole Managing Member is Scotland Campus Funding LLC, a Pennsylvania limited liability company owned or controlled by

Dr. David Newell.


How To Become An Accredited Investor

Investing in the Fund involves a high degree of risk. The Units are suitable only for persons having adequate
resources who understand the nature of and risk associated with investing in real estate development projects,
real estate secured private lending, mortgage debt and/or related assets.

To be considered for admission as a Preferred Member of the Fund, you must complete in full and sign the Suitability Questionnaire attached to the Memorandum.  All information provided by you shall be considered confidential, subject to the conditions noted therein.


Suitability Questionnaire

The purpose of the Suitability Questionnaire is to provide
us with sufficient information that we may determine your suitability to be a Preferred Member of the Fund and to
comply with federal and state securities laws.

To download and fill out the document, click the button below:


Register to Become a Partner

Accredited Inverters must register to access the full Memorandum containing additional information about Scotland Campus Partners LLC and benefits of becoming a partner.
You will be asked to upload the Suitability Questionnaire for our review.


Verify Email Address

Once an administrator has reviewed and accepted your registration request, you will receive another email containing a link that will direct you to verify your email address.


Complete and Return C-4 through C-12 of the Offering Memorandum

Clicking on the Verification link in your email will direct you to log into your account. Once logged in you will be redirected to pages C-4 through C-12 of the Offering Memorandum. You will submit this document to The Fund Manager.


3583 Scotland Rd, Scotland, PA 17254

(717) 552-2220

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